Stars Alignment

The first meet

The stars were aligned when Ilias Verras, José Enrique Rosell, and Francisco ‘Javier’ García, met in Puerto Rico in 1998. Ilias, who had already founded a successful, high end jewelry and art boutique under the staircase of 202 Cristo Street in Old San Juan, offered his friendship and expertise to José and Javier. Sharing a candid sense of humor and a passion for the cigar and watch business, they quickly became family.

In due course the three men who always had a knack for business established what began as a cigar venture. Together with a local distributor, the cigars labeled Jibarito were successfully sold in Puerto Rico. Thus in October 1998 the name Club Jibarito was born, the house of Jibarito cigars. The club’s slogan “boys are us” immediately attracted the finest local and tourist clientele. Supported by former investor Avo Uvezian Club Jibarito quickly transformed into a desire to provide a variety of luxury men’s accessories such as hats, cufflinks, and all of the highest end quality products related to cigars. The watch arrived as an additional accessory for men.

Observing the success of watch sales and, most importantly, the absence of distinct watch houses in the region they decided to capitalize on a new market.